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Italy, 2015

Original music : Marco Messina Production : Istituto Luce Cinecittà, Avventurosa Films

Programmed by Daniela Persico





Pulcinella, the idiot servant, is sent from the depths of Vesuvius to today’s Campania to fulfill the last will of Tommaso, a simple shepherd: to save a young buffalo named Sarchiapone. In the Carditello estate, a ruined Bourbon residence which Tommaso cared for, abandoned in the heart of the “Land of Fire”, Pulcinella finds the little buffalo and takes him north with him. The two servants, man and animal, undertake a long journey to a beautiful and lost Italy.

Tënk's opinion

With "Bella e Perduta", the inevitable reminder of Verdi's "Va, Pensiero", the slave choir ("Oh mia patria sì bella e perdta!" - "Oh my country so beautiful and lost!"), the director of Caserta makes an unprecedented pastoral journey through the Italian countryside, the last vestige of a possible salvation for the country. It is a film marked by a deep wound, that of the decadence of the South but above all by the disappearance of the heroic protagonist, Tommaso. A constant presence, a look and a face of unequalled dignity, with eyes that seem to cry out an imperative: not to surrender. His work as guardian of the Reggia di Carditello, one of the many abandoned beauties, turns into a fight against a progress that has mortified humanity, starting from the relationship established with animals. The soul of the film becomes the buffalo Sarchiapone, fleeing a fate of death. Even more than the previous films, "Bella e Perduta" strongly affirms the idea of a cinema fighting against oblivion.

Daniela Persico
Programmer and critic

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