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France, 2014

Programmed by Chantal Steinberg, Christophe Postic


First reels


Un narrateur raconte qu’il a le pouvoir d’entrer dans la peau de différents personnages afin d’expérimenter différents caractéristiques physiques, sociales et morales. “Tel que vous me voyez” traite des changements qui s’opèrent sur les corps à l’âge adolescent et propose une réflexion sur la construction identitaire.

Tënk's opinion

This essay film studies the onset of adolescence. Voices whisper about how hard it is to recognize oneself, while close-ups scrutinize the bodies, faces and postures of very young people, bursting into fits of giggles, dodging, pulsing to techno rave, ducking away from the camera and smiling on the school photo. We are put in the shoes of these teenagers just as their voices are breaking, straddling two worlds, two different states, and trying to grasp why they must become what they are only just appearing to be.

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