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Spain, 2016

Production : ECIB

Programmed by Javier Guerra


A personal journey to track down “Anita la Fantástica”, a 76-year-old woman who lost her memory and disappeared in Barcelona. This tale crosses paths with another, a remembrance of the history of Columbia, a country that’s endured internal armed conflict for over fifty years.

Tënk's opinion

There’s a lot of remembrance in this film that deals with synonyms – synonyms of images, memories and even sounds. The director guides us across two stories, two situations that she personally experienced, and, with robust parallel editing, she constructs a (non)-memory. The connections between "Anita la Fantástica" and the armed conflict in Columbia create a memory illustrated with allegorical images in contrast to the harsh, realistic voiceover. This contemplation and investigation of personal memory can also be broadened to include collective memory. Is film the best way to express the mind’s memories and how they work? Watching this short documentary, I can only conclude that it is!

Javier Guerra
Director, visual artist and teacher

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