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Spain, 2017

Production : ECIB

Programmed by Javier Guerra

Spanish, Catalan

French, English

Films from the ECIB – Escuela de Cine de Barcelona


“Canis lupus” is a critical and ironic film about the need for pets in contemporary society. The story happens in a fancy canine hairdresser in Barcelona, where dogs are brushed and dressed in the latest fashion. Discover how we have turned the fierce fairy wolf into a chihuahua in a tutu.

Tënk's opinion

A historical, sociological and aesthetic look at the canis lupus’ evolution into today’s canis familiaris. The suggestion made here is clear and frank (both in form and editing), giving voice to human beings and revealing the absolute pre-eminence given to the dog and its condition. The film records ironic and critical reflections about this fetishized animal’s food, sleep, death and love. The intention of visual abstraction in the closing images shows us how extravagance, eccentricity and pomp have replaced the ferocity of yesteryear’s wolf. And to what end? To dog beauty parlours… After watching this film, as you walk down the street, you’ll pay special attention to "Man’s best friend".

Javier Guerra
Director, visual artist and teacher

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Item 1 of 4