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Germany, 2016

Production : Schalten und Walten

Programmed by Carolin Ziemann

American english


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“Ocean Hill Drive” examines the phenomenon of the “shadowflicker,” which occurs in a suburban area of Boston, due to a wrongly installed wind turbine. The film focuses on the visual quality of the pulsating shadows that intrude into the suburban domestic sphere and disrupt the social and psychological balance of the community.

Tënk's opinion

This film feels like a short-form psychological thriller about fears and projections in suburban USA. Every single frame is characterised by the flickering that sets the film’s rhythm and reminds us of experimental structuralist movies. The fragments of interviews conducted on location create an oppressive atmosphere of fear and uncertainty that's hard to escape, especially because of the hypnotic soundtrack. “Ocean Hill Drive” combines a wide variety of source materials into a compelling narrative that blurs the lines between reality, memory and fiction.




Luc-Carolin Ziemann
Film programmer, author and trainer




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