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Switzerland, 2019

Production : RTS - Radio Télévision Suisse, Close Up Films, Flavia Zanon, Joëlle Bertossa

Programmed by Aurélien Marsais


English, Italian

DOK Leipzig Festival 2019 - International Competition (Healthy Workplaces Award)

Films from DOK Leipzig


After a long period of isolation, Antonin rediscovers the world in a bird shelter where, rocked by the noise of planes, troubled souls are saved just as much as the birds.

Tënk's opinion

An attempt to heal the world… this is the strange and agreeable impression we have while watching "Bird Island". The second feature from filmmaking duo Maya Kosa and Sergio Da Costa follows young Antoine’s apprenticeship in a centre to care for birds. As his initiation unfolds, a tale emerges about treating crippling fatigue caused by hustle and bustle of life. The film gradually turns into a refuge, a shelter from the harsh world, where both birds and human beings can come and find the peace they need for their tranquillity. The scenes that play out instil an atmosphere of infinite benevolence towards this new bird recently welcomed to the shelter, even when it involves learning to kill rodents.
Gentleness that constantly overflows from the frame, where even the corners have been rounded off!

Aurélien Marsais

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