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Lebanon,Belgium, 2019

Original music : Jacqueline Colson Production : Doc Nomads

Programmed by Aurélien Marsais



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Every day, the residents of the Pacific apartment block nicknamed “Suicide Tower” contemplate the impressive view over Brussels. What makes people jump from the top of the tower? The long corridors? The isolation? The view? By giving a voice to tower’s forgotten people, Angie Obeid explores a microcosm of Belgian society.

Tënk's opinion

Living on the eighteenth floor of a modernist tower block, director Angie Obeid, a Doc Nomads student, contemplates her surroundings. On the pretext of investigating the numerous suicides from the tower’s top floors, she knocks on neighbours’ doors to sound out the various residents’ opinions. Everyone has their own point of view about suicide and, by extension, about society; from banal racism to security fears, from family dramas to the traumatic experience of war.
In tracking shots of the long corridors, apartment after apartment (we half expect to see the notorious Room 237 from Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining”), Obeid breaks the silence. She boldly tests otherness in a place where everyone seems to live out their own little lives without worrying about whether their neighbour will be the next tragedy.

Aurélien Marsais

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