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France, 2003

Production : Petits et Grands Oiseaux

French, English

French, English, Italian

Festival dei Popoli 2021

Films from Dei Popoli


Despite being injured by police and denied asylum, Blandine is forced to seek refuge in a building amongst others with her husband. Written with Jean-Luc Nancy, “La Blessure”’s migrants personify the pain that is the black heart of European democracy.

Tënk's opinion

After telling the story of the excluded in "Pariah", the two filmmakers turn their gaze towards the ‘foreigner’, the person who arrives seeking protection and receives only bureaucratic rejection in return. Walled up alive in the heart of an inhospitable city, the film’s migrants become forms of pain, the black heart of European democracy, a concept dear to philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy who co-authored the screenplay. Captured in a statuesque stillness reminiscent of Pedro Costa’s work on the Cape Verdean community, the group of non-professional actors embody a warning against timeless racism. They will only be able to free themselves from the shame of rejection by taking their own path and starting to tell their story.


Daniela Persico
Programmer and critic

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