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Syria, Lebanon, 2019

Production : Bidayyat for Audiovisual Arts

Programmed by Lysa Heurtier Manzanares



Films from Dei Popoli


Thousands of miles separate Yaser, who lives in Europe, from his parents who stayed in Aleppo. Far apart, they discuss the end of the war in Syria and the start of the reconstruction phase. Yaser and his family find themselves compelled to deal with the transfer of graves from Aleppo’s public parks.

Tënk's opinion

The title of Syrian director Yaser Kassab’s second documentary refers to Eiji Okada’s famous line to Emmanuelle Riva in “Hiroshima Mon Amour”: “You have seen nothing in Hiroshima”. Unlike the heroine of Alain Resnais’ film, Yaser Kassab has seen… He was in Syria during the war. It’s perhaps the “seen too much” that he expresses in this documentary that opens with black & white images interspersed with blackness like the blinking of an eye – as if his eyes could no longer take in colours or movement. Despite now living in Europe, he still doesn’t have the space to accommodate new images.
His life in Europe, punctuated by phone calls with his father, has remained in Aleppo. Incapable of either helping his family because of the distance that separates them, or starting a new life here, he finds himself stuck in time suspended and loaded with memories.

Lysa Heurtier Manzanares

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Item 1 of 4