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United-States, Surinam, 2011

Programmed by Christophe Postic, Pascale Paulat


Filmmaker in focus


Filmés en plan séquence, sur un fleuve sacré du Haut Suriname, les secrets mineurs et quotidiens d’un animiste saramaccain nous sont révélés pendant que le temps lui-même se défait.

Tënk's opinion

Ben Russel’s conceptual essay plunges us headlong into a shared emotive experience, artfully drawing us into the illusion of a fictional time and space, where the notion of time is turned upside-down. Filmed in one shot, it plays with the idea of flipping time back to front in one long take, and speeding up and slowing down the image without us realizing straightaway. Russel’s trickery only dawns on us gradually, as our attention is gripped elsewhere, skilfully channelled towards the entrancing sight of bodies, movements, sounds, music, voices and unidentifiable languages intertwined in a hypnotic dance.

C.P. et P.P.

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