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France, 1989

Production : Casa Films

Programmed by Tom Bidou


Revolutionising bitsuki, traditional Cameroonian music, the band Les Têtes Brûlées begins a tour through France in 1988. At the arrival on the tarmac, Claire Denis is waiting with some filmstrips and her camera. This is the starting point for a boisterous trip alongside these highly charged musicians.

Tënk's opinion

Electrifying bitsuki - traditional Cameroonian music - the group Les Têtes Brûlées began touring outside their country for the first time in 1988. The group set off to France, where Claire Denis was waiting for them on the tarmac with a few pieces of film and a Nagra recorder. The film-maker's crafts combined with the group's punk spirit, gave rise to a free film that wanders around the musicians' journey. The spontaneity of the direction is perceptible in the game that takes place between the director and her subjects. From parties to encounters, concerts to the backstage, discoveries of unknown territory and homesickness, everything is evoked. While letting herself be guided by Les Têtes Brûlées, Claire Denis also takes the time to show the heart of their music. The multiple concert scenes that run through the film reveal the astonishing effect that the irruption of their sounds had on the audience. Having become a mythical band on which everything and its opposite has been said, "Man No Run" turns these men into simple immortals.

Tom Bidou
Visions du Réel

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