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United-States, 2009

Programmed by Christophe Postic, Pascale Paulat


Filmmaker in focus


Le film suit le voyage de deux frères qui s’engagent sur le chemin que leur ancêtres, ancien esclaves, prenaient pour échapper à leurs maîtres hollandais il y a de cela trois siècles. Ils s’aventurent au-delà de la capitale de Suriname, Paramaribo, à travers les champs et les rivières, suivant ce trajet encore emprunté aujourd’hui, qui nous révèle l’histoire d’une migration forcée.

Tënk's opinion

Ben Russel’s first full-length documentary takes us to the furthest limits of ethnographic film. He continues exploring shared experience - an underlying theme in his work - this time opening our minds to let our thoughts saunter between past and present, tossed about by camera movements that take in every detail of two young men in action. Having lost that initial sense of freedom that fills us in the first few minutes, we end up rapidly engrossed in this stirring choreography of gestures. The act of watching and cinema’s power to manipulate are two additional themes that Russel explores in this film, which has won numerous international festival awards.

C.P. et P.P.

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