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Italy,Argentina, 2020

Production : Makongo Films

Programmed by Maïté Peltier


French, English

Filmer le travail


André and Albert are two young Aka Pygmies from the south of the Central African Republic. They are among the very few of their community to have attended school. André and Albert have a dream: enrol the children from the camps in a real school. To fund their venture, they are counting on the next harvest of “makongo” (caterpillars).

Tënk's opinion

The strength of this first film lies in an African filmmaker’s vision of the realities of his country and a population stigmatised by the rest of the Central African Republic’s society, the Aka pygmy people. We follow the daily struggles of André and Albert as they show unwavering determination to continue to study and enable young children to go to school. Elvis Sabin Ngaïbino accompanies them during their harsh journey with all its disappointments. However gruelling the humiliations they suffer, the filmmaker doesn’t turn away but chooses to bear witness and get as close as possible to the people he films. This sensitive first movie, with its restraint and distance from compassionate concern, manages to capture in a movement or expression what’s going on in the heart of these men’s battered lives, offering us a dignified portrait of the combat of an entire community.

Maïté Peltier
Head of Programming for the Filmer le Travail Festival


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