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United states, 2013

Production : Peter Hutton, Carolina Gonzales-Hutton

Programmed by Federico Rossin




Three Landscapes is composed of three parts, but the sections in this triptych play off one another in ways more comparative than narrative. Each section examines groups of laborers in vastly different locales: salt miners in the deserts of Ethiopia, farm workers in the green Hudson Valley, and bridge repairmen in post-industrial Detroit. (…) Three Landscapes is projected silently, allowing for a deeper engagement with its remarkable sense of composition and elegantly unhurried pace.” (Ed Halter)

Tënk's opinion

I met Peter Hutton and his films through Nicole Brenez in Paris during the 2009 Cinéma du Réel. I’ll never forget the face of this sailor with his red mane, his gentle eyes, his deep voice and his friendly words. That same summer, aware of my enthusiasm for Hutton’s work, Nicole Brenez put forward my name to the États Généraux, which had decided to devote a “Fragment” to his work, to present a dozen of his 16mm films (and my work with the États Généraux began then). So for me, this online screening of “Three Landscapes” represents not only a well-deserved tribute to a masterpiece of documentary cinema, but also the memory of an encounter with an unforgettable man and filmmaker (he died, too young, in 2016), and a key moment in my career. The work of a programmer often hides the backstory… for once, and quite rightly I feel, we’re revealing what went on behind the scenes. Addio Peter!

Federico Rossin
Cinema historian, independent programmer

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