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France, 2020

Original music : Olaf Hund Production : viàGrandParis, Ad libitum, Les Films de l'Œil Sauvage

Programmed by Jean-Marie Barbe





The microcosm of a magazine kiosk: the big picture in miniature. Housewives, business people and pensioners all buy their reading material here. Others just ask for directions. A humorous take on life and the people on either side of the magazine stand.

Tënk's opinion

“The Kiosk” uses a classic form of immersive documentary: in a limited space, present-day witnesses form a micro-society. But this space – a newspaper kiosk –did not make the film on its own. It’s the director who gives it its density. Her family connection to the enterprise is a decisive factor. Through her, the portraits of its regular customers are padded out, and through her, we understand the intimacy of the space and the family’s relationship with the business. The subjective handheld camera, at times fixed, captures the zeitgeist and the programmed obsolescence of the newspaper and paper journal industry. With its backdrop of survival and extinction, “The Kiosk” preserves some of the shared moments and a little of what makes up the beauty of the “human comedy”.

Jean-Marie Barbe
Producer, Editorial Coordinator of Tënk and Co-founder of the États Généraux du Film Documentaire de Lussas

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