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France, Iran, 2020

Production : Payam Maleki Meighani


French, English



This film is the clandestine journey of an undocu- mented Iranian migrant to London. I filmed in re- ception centres for asylum seekers in Amiens, in the famous “jungle” in northern France, at Gare du Nord and in the metro in Paris. Wherever associations sometimes distribute meals and clothes, there exists another, darker world…

Tënk's opinion

An odyssey of exile to the ultimate depths of France. A nightmarish, lethally dangerous land revealed by the vivid, violent and desperate words of men pushed to the limits of poverty. A cinematic experience that owes much to the total commitment, the “for better or for worse” of its director, Iranian like his fellow wanderers.   

Stéphane Bonnefoi, Adrien Faucheux
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