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France, Congo, Cameroon, 2014

Programmed by Aurélien Marsais

French, Fon, Gen

French, English



Depuis son arrivée au Cameroun il y a quarante ans, le père de la réalisatrice n’a plus jamais remis les pieds dans son pays natal, le Bénin. Qu’est-ce qui l’aurait poussé à partir sans laisser de traces, à abandonner sa famille et cette enfant qu’il a eue au Bénin exactement l’année de son « exil » et dont il n’a plus jamais eu de nouvelles ?

Tënk's opinion

Cameroonian filmmaker Ariane Astrid Atodji is doing more than simply going in search of her roots here. Her second film (her first film " Koundi and the National Thursday" is still available to view in our Highlights collection) is a true rite-of-passage voyage, introducing us to the in-depth secrets and rituals lying at the heart of family life in Benin, but also the heavy burden of exile, whether the reasons for leaving are explained or not, sudden or wanted. With the help of her “fairy godmother” aunt, she guides us with delicate reserve towards a possible adoptive land.


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