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French, 2020

Original music : Benjamin Chaval, Dakhil Osman, Alexandre Liebert Production : Alexandre Liebert

Programmed by Stéphane Bonnefoi

Kurdish, French




Sinjar, the Birth of Phantoms is a documentary tale that questions the present condition of Yezidis in the city of Sinjar, who were the victims of war crimes and crimes against humanity during the invasion of Iraq by the Islamic State. It questions the suspended time of trauma and exile, where, from rubble, resilience or abnegation must arise, on the uncertain ridge of a mountain which awaits to see its people come back.

Tënk's opinion

By combining journalism, humanitarian commitment, photography and poetry, Alexandre Liebert and photographer Michel Slomka shake up the codes of documentary cinema. This extraordinary project gives immense scope to the tale of the Yazidis’ suffering, driven from the sacred lands of Sinjar by Islamist barbarity. 

Stéphane Bonnefoi, Adrien Faucheux
Programmers for 'Viewing Experiences

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