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Germany, 2019

Production : Ute Aurand Filmproduktion

Programmed by Ute Aurand




Rushing Green with Horses is a collection of brief observations and encounters, filmed between 1999 and 2018 at home and while traveling, with friends and alone. Private gestures awaken my attention: Anton in his apartment in Lichtenberg, Lilian and Nanouk ten days old, Jón’s ninety-fourth birthday, Sofia dancing, a trip to Detroit, Alma and Ernie at the Brandenburger Gate. We see the same people at various ages, as a child, a teenager, a young woman… The magic of moving images and sounds echoes from the past into the present.” (Ute Aurand)

Tënk's opinion

What you see in Rushing Green with Horses is all connected to moments of my life. But it is not a diary. And not a document. My film is connected to memory and remembering, but more important is what happens while the audience sees it and what the images and sounds evoke in the individual spectator. Each  projection transforms the images from the past into a new present, just with light -  like a thought, a feeling, an emotion.

Ute Aurand

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