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Canada, 2019

Original music : Jason Burnstick Production : Downstream Pictures Documentary Productions, ONF / NFB

Programmed by Naomie Décarie-Daigneault


French, English



On August 9, 2016, a young Cree man named Colten Boushie died from a gunshot to the back of his head after entering Gerald Stanley’s rural property with his friends. The jury’s subsequent acquittal of Stanley captured international attention, raising questions about racism embedded within Canada’s legal system and propelling Colten’s family to national and international stages in their pursuit of justice.

Tënk's opinion

Colten Boushie, 22, was killed for being Indigenous. And the hateful comments spewing out on social media after his murder reveal the unshakable prejudices: lazy, thieving, drunk, he “deserved” it… The case reeked of injustice and racism, and director Tasha Hubbard could’ve fallen into the trap of bitterness and fury. But this film’s great strength lies precisely in the fact that it’s bathed in light and kindness. Beside this unspeakable tragedy, “nîpawistamâsowin” tells the story of the birth of a young indigenous leader, Colten’s cousin Jade Tootoosis, who wages a crusade in the name of her people to denounce not only the racist killing, but more generally the bias and blind spots of a judicial system that’s tainted by colonialism. This is no brief news item – it’s about a murder whose sordid explanation can be found in the history of a country built on the disenfranchisement of its First Nations. And Jade Tootoosis is the worthy representative of a generation that will stand up to remind us of that.

Naomie Décarie-Daigneault
Të Artistic Director

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