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France, 2020

Programmed by Stéphane Bonnefoi


French, English



Jerada, Morocco, at the border with Algeria. After the liquidation of coal mines, the curse of coal hit hard the inhabitants of this working-class city. “Miners can only be miners.” This rumour gained ground. Life is not that complicated here. All you have to do is dig! Equipped with picks, sledgehammers, chisels and worn-out ropes, the children of miners have become miners in spite of themselves.

Tënk's opinion

"Is this really the 21st century in Jerada, Morocco? A mine worked by young men, most of them not even 18… For a few euros a month, they come here and risk their lives to extract ore.  
Sometimes, by showing us far-off places, documentaries can remind us of the olden days in our own worlds. Sometimes – and it’s terrible – they tell us about the pervasiveness and the future of poverty."

Stéphane Bonnefoi, Adrien Faucheux
Programmers for 'Viewing Experiences'

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