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France, 2020

Production : Skander Mestiri

Programmed by Éva Tourrent





The year 2020 is a difficult one for U.S.D.B., the amateur rugby club that represents Dieulefit, a small town in southern France. The number of lost matches is growing and they face the humiliation of being downgraded in the regional ranking. A decisive match is soon to be played at home in Dieulefit. The stakes are higher than ever: save the club’s honour, make their fans, family and pals proud, and defend their home territory.

Tënk's opinion

This films does justice to the scope of Butler’s intellectual endeavour. We discover a personality intensely driven by their questions, both precise and subversive, and who rejects any facile controversy. The documentary is driven by the energy of its protagonist, and we are totally electrified. More than once, the loftiness of their point of view and their agility to tease out the problems that trouble our times impress and overwhelm us.
The “trouble” is a hyper-operative concept: gender is a source of anxiety for everyone, including heterosexuals, since the categories of masculine and feminine are fundamentally impossible to embody perfectly. Gender is forever doomed to fail (“I’m always other to myself”). With these observations, things can be rethought, and perhaps the world can even reinvent itself.

Arnaud Lambert

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