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France, 2020

Production : Entre2prises

Programmed by Marie-France Aubert





At the Palais de Tokyo, a major Parisian contemporary art centre, security agents watch over the artworks, and frisk and screen the visitors. What do they notice? What are they thinking?

Tënk's opinion

‘Finding one’s place is essential’. Place is the common denominator in this film and in documentary cinema. These security officers who must, indeed, stay in place, both in space and around others, find theirs in this documentary thanks to the film-maker’s own position. It is precisely their voice that is heard amidst the overall image, and in the site that would have them silent, those who melt into the decor, and who mingle amidst other, exposed figures. These workers, held in silence and immobility, unveil themselves as sociologists and art critics, via their deep and intimate gaze, associated with others and with the works of art around them, over countless hours spent in exhibition rooms. Time that expands and extends into nausea, transpiring through slow-motion, revealing a state of torpor, inflamed by weariness, fatigue, repeated deafening sounds… but that they transform into a state of meditation and reflection. The film metamorphoses the museum that locks them down into a world of words, of their presence, into a cinematographic, dreamlike and infernal place, made of mysterious meanders, underwater accents, multiple colours, a space that is reestablished as their own kingdom. 

Marie-France Aubert

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