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France, 2020

Production : Don Quichotte films

Programmed by Chantal Steinberg




At the Laborieux du dépliant, there’s no waking up. Or rather, there’s no going to sleep. Accordionists play on around the clock, to escape the fear of missing out. Maybe they’ll wake up, maybe with a hangover. Whichever, as long as we’ve got the drunkenness.

Tënk's opinion

On wine, poetry or virtue (the title is borrowed from a poem by Baudelaire) takes us on this film’s secret path. It’s the desire for drunkenness that guides the filmmaker, drunk on life, snatching the moment before it disappears. Margot Dupuis films her friends, friends she loves whom she met through the love of music, or simply through love…Margot runs, camera in hand, leaping into the whirlpool and taking us with her. She films her friends intoxicated by the music they make, simply intoxicated, everywhere, in this magical garden, for the time that this suspended moment lasts.
And with them, she takes risks – the risk of speaking up, the risk of a hangover, of the truth, of disappointment… It never stops, this potential happiness, hunted down in the suspended light, in the laughter at the end of the night, the silence after the accordion’s final heart-breaking notes.
And we don’t want it to end, ever – not the music, nor the reservoir of love that empties and fills, nor the film…

Chantal Steinberg
Head of "École documentaire de Lussas"

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Item 1 of 4

Item 1 of 4