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France, 2015

Production : Ardèche Images Association, Université Grenoble Alpes

Programmed by Esther Mazowiecki




The weather’s fine. The sky is blue. The weather’s fine. The sky is blue. I have two friends who are my lovers too. The weather’s fine. The sky is blue. We have nothing to do, but be happy.

Tënk's opinion

The camera touches, perspires, turns round, holds back, lingers, drinks in everything it sees, and leaves… Because she’s there, we’re here; because she’s there, they’re together, the protagonist of this story that tests the limits of what concerns us, of what is shown, of what’s given up. A ménage à trois –quatre, if you count the camera –which sometimes shocks us when it’s too close, too deeply buried, too intimate. This film is an experiment; it tests the spectator, the characters, and the director. The roles are reversed or blurred. Margot Dupuis never lets go of her tool, nor of her character, nor her role as director, inventing as she goes along, struggling with the space of the scene without ever tipping over into to the obscene. This is one of those divisive films because it takes risks, because it’s free to experiment, because it involves both body and soul.
It’s a film that “goes through with it”, and we’re impatient for the second act, “De vin, de poésie et de vertu”, her first feature. Her research on the experience of pleasure, the pleasure of being there and doing things together until dropping from exhaustion, both in this film and in her life.

Esther Mazowiecki
Member of "École documentaire de Lussas"

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