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Belgium, 2009

Production : Sofidoc, Wallonie Image Production (WIP), RTBF - Radio Télévision Belge Francophone

Programmed by Pauline David





How do you cope with being told your child has a handicap? The news hits you like a tidal wave, drains you of your blood. All your dreams shatter in the face of this tragedy that takes over your life. But, very quickly, these feelings give way to others. "In order to stay alive, I filmed what I experienced with my son every day and I toured with a dance troop a few days each month, over a period of two years. If I wanted to help my son, I also had to take care of myself". In case of loss of pressure, airhostesses advise parents to put their own oxygen mask on first, then that of their children.

Tënk's opinion

Sarah Moon Howe worked as a striptease artist for ten years in Brussels nightclubs, concurrent to her day job as a specialised psychiatric educator. From this experience, she made her first and wonderful film ‘Don’t tell my mother’, the images of which presage the following, ‘In Case of Loss of Pressure’. For her stories are like the intermingling threads of a narration of clashing colours. The reminiscence of a sublimated past confronts a reality she would gladly have done without: the birth of a disabled child. How do we speak of the beauty of being a mother and the shadow she carried? With the exigence of those who do not wish to be pitied, but simply heard, the Belgian filmmaker deploys all her cinematographic inventiveness, enhanced by her great generosity, to offer a universal voice to the intimate story of a mother living on a tightrope.



Pauline David
Programmatrice, directrice du festival En ville ! (Bruxelles)



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