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21 days


France, 2020

Original music : Studio Urgence, Sébastien Pons Production : Sancho&Co

Programmed by Alizée Mandereau


Alice and Barbara live with their mother in a village in the Ardèche countryside. Barbara is entering high school. Alice is eighteen and doesn’t go to school anymore. She wants to get her driving licence and find a job. Over the years, Alice watches her little sister growing up and getting away from home. But she still struggles to become independent.

Tënk's opinion

The teenagers’ bedroom, a territory jealously guarded from the gaze of parents. 
Alice shares this bedroom with her little sister Barbara, and Camille has managed to find her place in it. The trust established between the three of them is palpable.
From the small theatre created by the director's eye, the moods of the two sisters reach our hearts.
As they revise for their school exams or the Highway Code, during discussions late into the night, their first loves and arguments, we witness several years of their lives as they themselves evolve along with the decoration of their bedroom.
Camille Holtz successfully, subtly and precisely captures what makes this period so unique with its succession of choices to be made, indecisions, moments of grace and difficulties to overcome – a time when the horizon seems either immense or a dead-end.
The famous “rite of passage” in all its complexity, set in a 5ft x 6ft bedroom.



Alizée Mandereau
Tënk's head of production



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