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Czech Republic, 2016

Original music : Michal Novinski Production : Punkchart films, 71km, Endorfilm

Slovak, English

French, English



Ján decides to undergo a surgery that will help him better his living conditions, but only if he survives. There is a 50% chance. He is getting ready for the life-changing date, 5th October, by making a trip to quiet places, which is thoughtfully captured by his brother.

Tënk's opinion

We already knew Martin Kollár as a cinematographer and especially as the delicately observant photographer of the plate tectonics and fault lines that opened up with the collapse of the Soviet system as well as the many other shocks that continue to radically transform our world. But here, he is the author of an album of animated images riddled with incongruities and weirdness, this time turned towards the inner life of a man to whom he’s extremely close and who’s approaching a critical moment in his life. It’s up to the director/brother of this impressive cycling hermit to transform this journey with a very uncertain outcome into a contemplative road movie where the palpable fear of death is curbed by re-enchanting the world with nothing but a camera. With ultra-precise arrangements and square angles in a blend of minimalism and his unique humour, he accompanies the journey of a man who is setting off to meet nature – and his fate…

Jürgen Ellinghaus
Programmer, director

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