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France, 1996

Original music : Éric Thomas Production : Canal+, Les Films d'Ici, CNRS Audiovisuel, Aaton

Programmed by Corinne Bopp


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The space inside a prison cell. The time passing by a man’s life… How can one bear being deprived of his freedom ? Throughout this film, of which sound and image they conceived, nine convicts reveal the world they have created behind the prison walls.

Tënk's opinion

Through its production process, So blue, So calm is a work on diffraction and deviation. Hence, its cinematographic form is born, offering an insight into the impassable divide between prison and the outdoors. Each side of the walls acting as the other player’s off-camera zone. The inside, concealed from the outside gaze, only to be grasped through experience; the outdoors, legally, physically and now mentally inaccessible. Soundtrack contrasts, in its materiality and its continuity, with the specific temporality of the photographic medium – equally perpetually present – instantaneous – setting scenes for undefined durations – souvenir pictures. The solid, literary quality of inmate dialogue, always in voice off, combined with the ongoing flow of cries and whispers, contributes towards the construction of a community which image, here in the form of photographs, successfully individualises.

Corinne Bopp
General delegate for the Rencontres du cinéma documentaire(Périphérie)

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