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France, 2008

Production : Les Films du tambour de soie, dis-FORMES, Images Plus, Collectif 13 Droits des femmes, Lemon

Programmed by Corinne Bopp


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“L’Écume des mères” is an interweaving compilation of stories of girls, girls who live and relive some special moments shared with their mothers… Family memories that make their mark in the suburbs. Their memory is aroused, as are their fantasies and a sort of ‘introspective questioning brought on by the presence of forgetfulness’. Mothers are seen through their daughters’ gaze. From one story to the next, we join in the game that reunites them all: the impetus, the pulsion that comes from attraction and repulsion. These women mutually enlighten each other, in a mosaic-like confrontation between past and present.

Tënk's opinion

During a long-term writing project, four women entrust Séverine Mathieu with their memories of an important, and most often traumatic event they experienced with their mothers. The filmmaker then suggests she film them as they direct the actresses who will relive these scenes, playing their respective roles. These women relive their girlhood, taking their mission very seriously, insisting on the accuracy of all words uttered, miming gestures, correcting voice intonations. With sincere emotion, they both know and forget, in the same movement, from representation to true life, from fiction to documentary. Through each of their stories, which intertwine and mutually respond, a resilient and fraternal feminine community emerges.

Corinne Bopp
General delegate for the Rencontres du cinéma documentaire(Périphérie)

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