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Singapour, Vietnam, 2015

Production : Ateliers Varan, Discovery Communications

Programmed by Corinne Bopp


French, English

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Phong grew up in a town in the center of Vietnam – the youngest of six children. From the time he was a young boy, Phong felt like he was a girl with a mismatched boy’s body. Not until he moved to Hanoi to attend university at age twenty did Phong discover that he was not the only one in the world with this predicament. His dream to “find himself” by physically changing sex becomes a reality several years later.The movie follows Phong’s struggle during these years, with excerpts from his intimate video journal, along with scenes from his encounters with family, friends, work colleagues and doctors – all of whom must come to terms with the boy’s determination to become a complete girl.

Tënk's opinion

Phong, a young Vietnamese man whose deepest desire is to reveal the woman he has always been, begins his transformation. From start to finish, the film walks a thin and fragile line, for it is an uncomfortable experience for spectators to witness the fits of anger, the complaints and the provocations that come from Phong, including when she films herself. Several times, she seems close to giving up and being rejected by all those around her. Equally in shooting and in editing, the filmmakers offer rigorous appropriateness, as they accompany Phong with loyalty and benevolence, protecting her from herself, and from the distress that occasionally overwhelms her. Thankfully for all the protagonists of this adventure punctuated with pitfalls, the sky gradually becomes clearer for Phong, for her close circle, for the filmmakers and, by extension, for spectators. Anxiety gives way to serenity and the ultimate and long-since dreaded surgical procedure turns out to be no more than a formality.

Corinne Bopp
General delegate for the Rencontres du cinéma documentaire(Périphérie)

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