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France, 2005

Production : Agat films & Cie Ex Nihilo

Programmed by Corinne Bopp



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This film is the result of a cinematographic experience conducted in a prison environment. A cell used as the film set was built within the prison’s audiovisual studio. Eight inmates were directed for a period of nine months by two film directors over sequence-shots and filmed interpretations. They worked two by two inside this cell, each one taking turns as actors, then filmmakers. Here, our viewing angle takes a shift, as the prisoners film and tell their stories, with handheld cameras.

Tënk's opinion

Here, those behind 9 square metres for two m2 offer us some truly solid sequences, genuine narrative units. Each of them - scripted and played with rigour and conviction by the prisoners themselves - bears forceful witness to their genuine interest and the inventive way in which they chose to interpret this experience proposed by two film directors. Each and every dimension of the film set, in the form of a prison cell, is exploited by men, most often two by two and occasionally alone: metaphoric, prosaic and mental. Hence, the cell plays its own role, in turn the site of distress and boredom, an exercise room, an impeccably maintained interior… The diversity of usages and worlds is such that we never weary from exploring all its recurrences and singularities. The limits of this tiny surface area unfurl or withdraw, in time with moods and confidences, good words and transgressions.

Corinne Bopp
General delegate for the Rencontres du cinéma documentaire(Périphérie)

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