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Germany, 2011

Original music : Dimitri Yanov-Yanovsky Production : Heise-Film

Programmed by Jürgen Ellinghaus

Without dialogue



The life of the Kolla Tinkunaku Community captured by the camera of Thomas Heise, who, in a departure from his usual work, has set off far from his home country of Germany, its history and his own. Here, he visits the far reaches of European expansion in the High Andes where the indigenous peoples have had to take refuge in order to survive, paying the price with humiliations, endless negotiations and cultural, linguistic and religious compromises. Examining village life with discretion, the director manages to capture the very flow of time and life.

Tënk's opinion

"There is, in “Solar System”, perfect harmony between the rudimentary tools and patient tasks and actions of the everyday lives of the villagers – the vegetable gardener, the tanner, the carpenter, and so on – and those, frugal and equally patient, of the filmmaker.  Each keeps an eye out and contributes, silently, in their own way and at their own speed, to the life of this community.
Turning up as a foreigner, Heise adopts the position of the distant observer all the way through – none of the dialogue, not a single word, is translated. Everything is in the images, to great effect. The few perceptible human words – songs, prayers, snatches of conversation – are not translated but become part of the surrounding soundscape. This is Heise’s unique way of depicting humankind in this specific natural setting (but for how much longer?)  before the equally laconic closing scene that delivers a powerful dystopian shock, a kind of visual  lament as the world marches inexorably on."

Jürgen Ellinghaus

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