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France,Italy, 2019

Original music : Fabrizio Puglisi, Laura Loriga Production : Rai Cinema, Manufactory Productions, Caucaso Factory, Ligne 7

Programmed by Aurélien Marsais

French, Italian, Arabic, English

French, English



Pepsi is an individual in sexual transition looking for a stable job as a caregiver. Former member of MILF, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front active in an island of southern Philippines, she escaped from her country to work as a nurse for over 10 years in Gaddafi’s Libya. Because of gender discrimination, she has been forced to join the flow of refugees. Her voice over tale is a post-colonial parable, in which European geography mingles with an intimate emotional drama.

Tënk's opinion

Whether it’s under the Ventimiglia overpass, in the streets of Paris or in Modena where she was granted asylum, nothing is going to stand in the way of Pepsi and her pursuit of happiness. Enrico Masi films her on a leg of the journey she makes with determination and resilience through those well-known landscapes where people wait and pass through. For someone who qualifies herself as gay, Muslim, rebel, nurse and refugee, the darkest episodes seem to be behind her since she fled the Philippines and then Libya. We never get to see Pepsi’s face, but Enrico Masi’s considerable feat lies in the fact that he makes her and her world fully exist in what she calls her “expedition”. Shelter is exactly that, a shelter for its narrator who has decided to offer us this sad tale of modern times in order to state loud and clear that her life is an “indispensable ingredient in this world” – with the moon as her final destination.

Aurélien Marsais

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