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Spain, 2020

Production : Pirenaika, Tractora Koop

Programmed by Julia Pinget

English, Spanish

French, English, Italian



In Araba (Basque Country). The wolf no longer inhabits the land that once formed part of its territory, and only through its outlines can we get closer to it; remnants of wolf traps, predator urine imported from the US, a dung-hill used to feed scavenger birds and archers that shoot at replicas of animals. “Reserve” constructs a story about the fragile balance of a territory after the disappearance of the predator, where the complex co-existence between humans and non-humans presents a distinctly marked anthropogenic ecosystem.

Tënk's opinion

"Reserve" takes a radical look at the how absurd and artificial we’ve made the world, and the consequences for places and species. It’s now a world where forests are inhabited by fake animals to suggest their presence, wild things are domesticated and off-screen voices try and invent new strategies to perfect this caging of animals. In "Le Dépaysement", writer and poet Jean-Christophe Bailly uses words to describe the turmoil that Gerard Ortín Castellví’s film portrays: "The problem is that everything is planned and calculated in a very bland way, as though animals were not living creatures, as though they could and should move around smoothly like products on a conveyor belt."

Julia Pinget

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