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France, 2018

Production : Jean-Baptiste Perret

Programmed by Julia Pinget





In the Massif Central, where the solitude of beings constantly confronts the power of landscapes and animal presence, four habitants come to confide with each other. In these cold lands, it is told that there are only two seasons : winter and the 15th of august. Jean-Marc, Christiane, Jean-Claude and Marion cross them resolutely, with means that are their own, while being traversed by unique forces. The film explores their stories and the remedies they invent to heal themselves.

Tënk's opinion

Jean-Baptiste Perret in an immersive experience in the Forez area for two years. Scenes are filmed in time with visits to his protagonists. His great attention to detail and to the seemingly insignificant unveils his great fondness of his landscapes and their inhabitants. The filmmaker’s benevolent gaze is shaped along the country paths he takes in a quite singular manner, working for a nature park, then in farming, via these encounters. An intimate and warm dialogue begins between them, into which the camera gently slips, ‘I sought to dissolve the filmmaking mechanism on sets where we filmed and to trust in the emotions that embraced those I was filming.’ Intimate and natural landscapes overlap and engage in a discourse that follows the pathways of life’s ills and its remedies. How do we repair beings? A story that is told in small leaps in a poetic and magical healing of our souls.



Julia Pinget



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