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United-Kingdom, 2011

Original music : Jake Williams Production : Ben Rivers

Programmed by Julia Pinget


Season after season, with his old 16mm camera and black-and-white film, Ben Rivers records the singularity of space and time in the life of Jake, who has chosen a hermit’s existence.

Tënk's opinion

The life of a recluse, although there’s no penance here, just a lifestyle choice that seems a perfect match for this man. A tale with a hypnotic timeframe counterbalanced by the materiality of the black & white of the film reel, and the gaze of director Ben Rivers who makes this time tangible and real, recording this simple, concrete life.
Handyman, inventor, artist, gardener, lumberjack… our protagonist takes on each role and exercises each skill in turn. A kind of ‘man of the low-tech future’ you could say, who lives and creates, doing only what’s essential for food, warmth, shelter, thinking and dreaming. The grace of a life unfolding, and nothing more. A film that describes a way of being in this world with great beauty and vibrant intensity.

Julia Pinget

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