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France, 2020

Original music : Ezra Production : Les Films du Bilboquet

Programmed by Julia Pinget





Camille became a peasant, as they say of someone that lives off the land. She chose the Creuse region, a rough and supple land, laborious yet luminous, but experiences a growing rejection of the agricultural standards that govern her production. Raising her three children, caring for her animals and plants, will always be more important to her than yield. In parallel, her children learn to make choices in the face of the standards imposed on them by the school system.

Tënk's opinion

Camille, a young farmer very different from most, resembles the land she’s chosen to tend: painstaking and radiant. Juliette Guignard gives us a sweet, poetic film, sharing with us “a landscape of Camille rather than a portrait”, she tells us. A landscape permeated with courage and determination, a landscape that lives on the margins and stands up to destiny, that seeks, invents and reinvents itself. Implicitly, there’s this patch of land that the film makes us feel, attentive to the richness of the Creuse region. Through an everyday life, a game or a discussion, Camille and the people who make up her world, children and adults alike, speak to us of a universe that, by refusing to conform, invents new ways.

Julia Pinget Director

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