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France, 2021

Production : Films de l'IFFCAM

Programmed by Julia Pinget




Helix Aspersa is a snail, a gastropod… Born six months earlier, it’s spent most of its life sleeping. It’s destined to end up on a plate, cooked according to the Charentaise recipe. The start of spring means the end of hibernation. Something irresistible attracts it – it prepares to produce 150 future appetisers. On the farm, life is easy but monotonous. Outside, it will be precarious but exciting…

Tënk's opinion

This exquisite short by Capucine Binczak, a student at the IFFCAM (Institut francophone de formation au cinéma animalier de Ménigoute), is a tantalising foretaste of spring, and, like Helix Aspersa, irresistibly attracts us. The trials and tribulations of this cunning snail are portrayed with a free style and documentary direction that have nothing to envy of drama and fiction. This portrait of a gastropod that escapes from its farm and sets off on the path to freedom gives a superb demonstration, reflecting the unique voices that wildlife films can sometimes have, and how they can update our representations of the living world by straying from the beaten track of this often classic and formatted genre. 

Julia Pinget

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