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Canada, 2020

Original music : Mathieu Charbonneau Production : Normand Rajotte

Programmed by Julia Pinget

Without dialogue



Freshly killed by coyotes, a deer lies in the middle of a pine grove. For a whole year, two nearby surveillance cameras show us what happens next.

Tënk's opinion

The composition is simple: a static shot that records the passing of time in a spot in the forest. A style that finds resonance in that of David G. Haskell, the American biologist who, for a whole year, observed one square metre of a forest in the Appalachian Mountains. And the life that unfolds within the camera frame takes us from one surprise to another. Around this carrion, a whole little world unravels, in a wealth of apparitions and variations, deploying its boundless ramifications.

Julia Pinget

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