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Italy, 2017

Production : Controra Film

Programmed by Daniela Persico


English, French



The toad, the stork and the swallow. Diorama recounts the encounter between mankind and wild animals in cities. Through observing activities which draw the protagonists of three stories into the animal kingdom, it reveals an intimate dimension, something that is not immediately apparent but which has always been part of mankind and which only through alterity can restore its true essence, perhaps …

Tënk's opinion

People have always been fascinated by animals and studied their behaviour. We often try to reduce animals to human categories by anthropomorphising them, but filmmaking is gradually moving in the opposite direction, giving them back their otherness, their irreducible difference. Through the extraordinary stories of three different species (toads, swallows and storks), this documentary describes the animals’ struggle to survive in urban areas as they change their habits and avoid the ever-present threat from humankind. There are those that give up their free time to help toads cross the road without getting squashed by cars, and those that tell stories of a harmonious past with the voice of a child. But the real epiphany comes from looking at our society through different eyes, and then returning to gaze at the animal world in its mysterious uniqueness.


Daniela Persico
Programmer and critic

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