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Germany, 2019

Original music : Johannes Wendler Production : taro films

Programmed by Éva Tourrent

English, Arabic

French, English



On the banks of the Dead Sea, there where God is said to have destroyed the sinful cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, the earth is once again opening up; the sea level is dropping by one meter per year, and there on the banks of the salt lake, date trees and massage parlors are being consumed by sinkholes. While the name of the lake itself seems to be transforming into a self-fulfilling prophecy, tremendous industrial facilities twinkle at night at the site where Sodom once existed. Tourists feel their way around in the waters in search of cures, and behind the beaches, excavators are digging up the land in preparation for the next luxury hotel. A kaleidoscopic look at a dystopian place where people perpetually revolve around themselves.

Tënk's opinion

"Dead Sea Dying" avoids fascination or exoticism and offers us an active look on our world. As if by sedimentation ; past and future are superimposed, the landmarks become blurred. Faced with these chasms that swallow tourist complexes and industrial palm groves, we are taken by a vertigo. Has the collapse of our world already taken place? Will we dare to turn around and face our fear? Will we stop the destruction? Katharina Rabl and Rebecca Zehr, far from answering them, send us back the relevance and emergency of these questions.
We have discovered two authors whom we are proud to support through the Tënk Opening Scenes award."

Éva Tourrent
Responsable artistique de Tënk

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