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Italy, France, 2015

Original music : Bertrand Défossé Production : Agat Films & Cie, Okta Films

Programmed by Claudia Maci



Divided America


In a hideout on the margins of society, on the borderline between illegality and anarchy, lives a troubled community facing the threat of being consigned to oblivion. Demobilised veterans, sullen teenagers, drug addicts seeking a way out of their dependency through love, Special Forces vets still at war with the world, wayward girls and mothers-to-be, old people who haven’t lost their will to live… In this hidden humanity the abyss of today’s America gapes open.

Tënk's opinion

After his trilogy in Texas, Roberto Minervini explores Louisiana for the first time in a complex and sometimes gruelling documentary. With “The Other Side”, he once again shows us another America, the “Losers’” America that has nothing in common with the American dream. The characters are two different human groups, one personal and the other more collective. Although ostensibly different, both are examples of those on the margins who aspire to a freedom that seems impossible, seeking to be heard and recognised. Minervini explores human nature with the total immersion that characterises his filmmaking in cinema that reaches down to the depths of the soul, giving it the chance to speak with a visceral, urgent and essential poetry, cinema that is at times disturbing and repulsive, putting the viewer in the uncomfortable position of having to face the other side of reality.

Claudia Maci
Managing Director of Festival dei Popoli

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