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Switzerland, 2014

Original music : Franz Treichler Production : Intermezzo Films

Programmed by Éva Tourrent



Divided America


In a desert landscape, in the shadow of the huge fence erected to stem illegal immigration from Mexico, seven Americans reveal how the border transforms their lives. They observe the haunting traces of the passage of migrants they never meet, divided between fear, disgust and sometimes compassion.

Tënk's opinion

There is nothing more terrifying that something you cannot see.
Luc Peter’s and Stéphanie Barbey’s stroke of genius – impeccably served by the great Peter Mettler’s images – is never to see the migrants. Their presence is reduced to traces, these occasional shoes and personal belongings abandoned in the middle of the desert, or these green spectres caught on infra-red cameras. The threat of immigration is, then, transformed into these phantoms, giving this film another dimension as it calls into question their very existence and thus the paranoia of American society and that of our day and age. Like in a genre film, fear often gives way to weapons, racism and violence in all its forms. Here, then, it is not only the issue of the absurdity of a wall between the United States and Mexico; “Broken Land” describes our fears but also our capacity to welcome the Other, the Stranger…

Éva Tourrent
Tënk artistic director

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