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France, 2020

Production : Daphnie productions

Programmed by Alizée Mandereau

French, English

English, French

Dance Unchained


The story of Alain Buffard’s famous solo “Good Boy”, a key moment in the history of dance and AIDS in France in the 1990s. Just after the arrival of triple therapy, having stopped dancing for 7 years, Buffard decided to visit Anna Halprin in California, to take part in the dance therapy course she’d set up for cancer and AIDS patients. There, in the countryside, under Halprin’s watchful gaze, Buffard found the strength to reconstruct himself and get his body working again.

Tënk's opinion

In “Good Boy”, Alain Buffard dramatises the reconquering of his body – how he came back to life and verticality despite and above all with the disease. The imbalance is constant, but perfectly mastered.
By screening the recording of the piece onto fibreboard, the director highlights the way Buffard makes his body a raw material to work with. Even the slightest gesture matters.
To quote Matthieu Doze, who now performs the legendary solo, “Good Boy can fit into a suitcase”. This extremely powerful economy of means conveys the profound solitude of the individual but also that of a whole generation faced with the disease. In her film, Marie-Hélène Rebois gives centre stage to the different generations of dancers but also to Buffard’s friends, juxtaposing the personal importance for the choreographer to return to dance with the symbolic force of this solo for an entire generation affected by AIDS.

Alizée Mandereau
Tënk's Head of production

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