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France, 2019

Original music : Julie Roué Production : Novanima

Programmed by Sylvain Bich



Dance Unchained


Jann Gallois is a dancer and a choregrapher. Her body is her work tool. Always searching the right movement, she twists, folds, stretchs and breaks her body. But memories come back and this over-stressed body reminds ancient pains and wounds. How this dancer can live with her body while considering that she is “crossed by others and by herself” ?

Tënk's opinion

Unlike painting, photography, sculpture, music or even architecture, the particularity of dance is that the medium of expression and the artist are one and the same. But what happens when the artist is no longer at one with his or her body? When it bears too many traces, when it’s haunted by too many ghosts?
“À travers Jann” by filmmaker Claire Juge is not a movie about the work of dancer-choreographer Jann Gallois but with her – we can sense that both protagonists work for each other, both driven by the same questions, the same obsessions. The result is a composite film that subtly interweaves dance, direct cinema, stage directing and animation. Here, cinema is no longer a cold art made up of distant observations but instead becomes living matter, sensitive flesh, a body…

Sylvain Bich
Film projectionist

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