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Colombia, 2019

Production : Los Niños Films

Programmed by Alessandra Doronzo

Wayuu, Espagnol


Cinélatino 2020


In the Colombian Guajira the Wayuu continue to follow their ancestral traditions. The young Doris wakes up from a dream (a lapü in wayunaiki) during which her deceased cousin appeared to her. The dream is interpreted by her grandmother as a request from the deceased for Doris to perform the ritual of the second wake. The young girl prepares for this key moment in her life and that of her community, and courageously faces the exhumation of the body at this last meeting before the final burial. The young girl will be subjected to a purification ritual and the cycle of life will be able to resume…

Tënk's opinion

Lapü is an astonishing film, both ethnographic and dreamlike, which carefully depicts its main character within the Wayuu matriarchal community, in which dreams and communication with the dead are part of everyday life. If the moment of exhumation is central - and impressive - the conversations around this ritual punctuate the narrative. Doris exchanges with her dead cousin during a scene improvised by the girl and her sister; she explains how she was convinced she was in the presence of the deceased. An intriguing situation for documentary cinema, which directors Juan Pablo Polanco and César Jaimes masterfully capture. Their idea was to make short films about Colombian funeral rituals: the material recorded in the Guajira turned out to be so rich that a feature film of such beauty and extremely careful photography, in terms of composition, colour and light emerged.

Alessandra Doronzo
Documentary Film Programmer Cinélatino, Rencontres de Toulouse

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