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France, 2020

Production : Mabel Films

Programmed by Claire André



Nommé pour le César 2022 du meilleur court métrage documentaire

César Award Films


"Is there no daddy?" Lone women hope for a worthy home for their families. The local council helps as much as it can. Female football players prepare a tournament in Clairefontaine, the temple of male football. High school pupils invent a play based on the assassination of King Chilperic in the nearby forest, offering the driving force to female characters. Children are born, the girls and boys of tomorrow. A portrait of Clichy-sous-Bois in 2019, "The End of the Kings" takes stock of current relationships and evolution between genders in a large suburban town.

Tënk's opinion

A camera meets with Clichy-sous-Bois. Chronicle of a suburb? Not only. There is another world here: that of women, those who bring up children alone, those who call into question predetermined roles, and those who play football. Each, in her own way, integrates the fact that you must fight to obtain decent accommodation, or to take the king’s place. So they learn how to lose sometimes, but especially, how to get back on their feet again. Then they eventually dare, and assert themselves. Because on stage or in real life, they are not interested in princessly roles. They call history into question and deal out a new set of cards. And if they can’t play the king, then they’ll kill him. For those who reign in the Parisian suburbs are powerful and fighting girls, women and mothers. 



Claire André
Chargée de médiation à Tënk



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