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France, 2020

Production : 5 à 7 Films, Le Fresnoy

Programmed by Pauline David



En sélection officielle pour le César 2022 du meilleur court métrage documentaire

César Award Films


On a hot summer day by a small lake, Mia, 11, asks Hugo, only 15 and yet already blasé, to tell her about his love story with Chaïnes of a few months earlier by the same lake.

Tënk's opinion

It all begins with a very surprising request from Hugo, whom Isabel Pagliali meets on the occasion of a cinema workshop she is coordinating in a high school in northern France. He is in love and would like the filmmaker to film his declaration to Chaïnes. This marks the departure point of a cinematographic adventure imbued with truth, and that takes the trio into the world of this young man, on the banks of his fishing pond, via a collaborative chiaroscuro set on moments of love. Delicately and through a subtle and successfully mastered play on flashbacks and drifts between the spaces created by sound and image, the film intermingles the carefree joys of youth with the troubles that come with emotion. A summer dive between dream and reality into the contemporary world of Tender(ness), where disquieting passion deludes the boredom of some late afternoons.



Pauline David
Programmer, director of Festival En Ville ! (Bruxelles - BEL)



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