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France, 2020

Production : Don Quichotte films

Programmed by Caroline Châtelet



Nommé pour le César 2022 du meilleur court métrage documentaire

César Award Films


Maxime Martinot composed this filmed essay based on drone images filming antelopes and found on the Internet. The film is also partly inspired by a text by Marguerite Duras, published in June 1980 in an issue of Cahiers du Cinéma, a French magazine for which she was an invited editor-in-chief.

Tënk's opinion

This is a very short film. First of all, a fleeting vision of the sky and the sound of a machine. Then, images of galloping antelopes, whilst the voice-over resounds in the story of their group suicide. The surreal aspect of these creatures fleeing, in the snow or under the splitting sun, is accentuated by the often pixelated grain of the video, and by the angle. Filmed using drones (the aforementioned machine), sequences are evocative of the imagery of video games. A world in which we swing from fascination to apprehension, and where animals are hunted over vast territories. A world where we are drawn by the urge to see it all, to access all these images, forgetting that those hunted animals could well be ourselves. This is precisely what the closing scene strives to reiterate, transforming the whole film into an efficient, terse and direct cinetract. Compelling. <o:p></o:p>



Caroline Châtelet
Journalist and critic



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